Ventilation is necessary to ensure a healthy, safe and comfortable living environment, while protecting the house's structures from the harmful effects of moisture and pollutants.

Proper ventilation helps maintain good indoor air quality

In the Sunergia product range, Airobot is a smart ventilation device that analyzes the air quality and independently adjusts the air to perfection. In addition, the air is made visible and all air readings are made visible in real time. Airobot air technology brings fresh, restful, high-quality air to every person’s home, and all this fully automatically and without unreasonable maintenance costs. Airobot is probably the world’s smartest heat recovery ventilation device.


The ventilation system helps ensure adequate air exchange in the home environment. It helps remove polluted air, including carbon dioxide, odors and moisture, and brings in fresh, oxygen-rich air.


Indoor air pollutants such as dust particles, allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other pollutants can accumulate indoors. Ventilation helps to remove them, ensuring a healthy environment.


Ventilation systems help regulate humidity more effectively. Excess moisture can cause mold and mildew to form, which in turn can damage building materials and cause health problems.


Some modern ventilation systems are equipped with heat recovery, which allows warm air energy to be stored and used to heat fresh air. This helps to reduce energy costs while maintaining a good indoor climate.

Airobot ventilation

Airobot’s humidity and heat recovery ventilation device has been developed in cooperation with researchers from TalTech and the University of Tartu and is intended for homes located in a northern climate. Airobot devices are equipped with CO2, humidity, VOC, fine dust and temperature sensors as standard. Airobot analyzes the indoor climate of your home in real time and automatically improves it.

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Sunergia offers the best service and takes care of every detail and solution for the energy management of your home or business. Our main product range includes solar energy products and solutions, heating solutions and ventilation. We selectively offer solutions and products with the best technology. We integrate all solutions to make energy use efficient and achieve technological victory.



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We selectively offer products and solutions with the best technology.

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