Solar Park Maintenance

We take care of monitoring and maintenance of your solar park

As part of the annual maintenance, we check all components of your solar park:

How often should solar power parks be serviced?

It is necessary to perform the electrical inspection of the solar park at least once a year if no problems occur in between. Solar panel manufacturers provide a product warranty of 12-15 years and a 25-year linear product warranty for productivity. Inverter manufacturers provide a 5-year warranty. Read more about warranties on our products page.

Drone analysis

For added value of solar parks maintenance, we offer a service for drone thermal diagnostic measurement. Drones equipped with a special thermal imager can convert thermal energy into visible material for analysis of a specific object or ground. What used to go unnoticed is now available as an image or video. Drone thermodiagnostic measurement can be used to detect manufacturing defects, cracks, faulty connections, bypass diode faults, clusters of thermal anomalies, overheating components for fittings and junction boxes. In addition, drones make data collection fast and safe.

Additional maintenance services

In large solar parks, it may be necessary to install security systems to protect against theft and vandalism.

The installation of cameras is recommended already in the beginning phase of the solar park construction. Our experience has shown that this is sometimes the best solution to ensure that the property is well protected.

In addition to technical security devices, we also recommended installing locked metal fences around large ground-mounted solar parks. The fence will keep unwanted people and animals away from the solar park and will also ensure the safety of the electrical equipment.

Do you have a solar park,
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