Solar panels

Solar panels are engineered to be more durable and resistant, therefore making them suitable also for the Baltic countries. By switching to solar energy you will: 

Why install solar panels?

There are numerous benefits of choosing solar energy. For businesses and private households, the main advantage is the significant reduction of electricity costs. The reduction of the electricity costs on average is around 50%. Moreover, by producing your own renewable energy you are not dependent on the grid and you don’t have to pay anymore the mandatory procurement component tariffs. 


Another benefit of a solar park is that it is a safe investment in the future. On average solar parks pay off in 8 years, the average lifetime of a solar panel is more than 25 years. Furthermore, the price and value of properties with solar parks will continue to go up making it a good investment opportunity for the future. 


Also, solar energy is an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel  energy. By choosing solar energy you are committing to a circular economy and are doing your part in preserving our beautiful planet.

Don’t know which solar panel to choose?

No need to worry about it! Our team is here to help you choose the most appropriate solar panels for your needs. Let us know about your needs and we will suggest the best solution for your needs.

How do solar panels work?

When the sun shines on the solar panels, light energy is converted into electricity. Light particles or photons from the sun are absorbed in the semiconductor material (mostly silicon). As a result, electrons are released. Those electrically charged electrons move in response to an internal electric field in the cell, causing electricity to flow. Solar panels produce DC energy which is then converted into AC using inverters. The electricity produced from the solar panels can be used for on-site electricity consumption as well as selling the electricity back to the utility grid.

What are the types of solar panels?

Our products range includes high-quality monocrystal solar panels from Suntech, Risen Energy ,TrinaSolarBISOLSeraphimRecom and Eurener which are among the absolute top manufacturers in the world.