Heating solutions

Sunergia offers various heating solutions: air-to-water and air-to-air heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, solar collectors.

Save on heating costs and contribute to the environment

We offer high-quality and energy-saving heating solutions from world-renowned manufacturers. By choosing the technologically best products, you can be sure that you will save on heating costs and also contribute to the environment.

A heat pump is a device that allows heat to be transferred from one place to another. It is usually used for heating or cooling indoor spaces. A heat pump can use natural heat sources such as the ground, water or air to obtain heat and then transfer it to a heat carrier such as air or water for use in a heating or cooling system.

Sunergia’s product range includes various heat pumps that allow heat to be extracted from a low-temperature heat source and condensed to higher temperatures that can be used in various applications. 


By replacing the old heating device with a heat pump, you save on costs


Reduces carbon dioxide emissions from the home


It is possible to heat as well as cool


The equipment requires minimal maintenance


Heat rooms or produce hot water with the device


Technology that cleans the indoor climate from allergens, bacteria and viruses


Thanks to T-CAP technology, the heat pump has 100% heating capacity down to -20 degrees


Conveniently controlled from the app

Air-water heat pumps

Economical, efficient and environmentally friendly air-to-water heat pumps that economically heat both the home and household water. The Sunergia product range includes the well-known manufacturer PANASONIC air-to-water heat pump, which is a heat pump based on the patented T-CAP technology.

Air-to-air heat pumps

Air-to-air heat pumps are a convenient and economical way of heating that can be installed in almost every home at moderate costs. Choose economical and environmentally friendly auxiliary heating for your home. In the Sunergia product range, you can find devices from the world-renowned manufacturer Panasonic.

Geothermal heat pumps

Geothermal heat pumps efficiently collect solar energy stored in the ground and use it to create warm home and domestic water in an exceptionally economical way throughout the year. A ground source heat pump is not only an investment for your house. It is also an investment for our environment. A responsible approach to climate measures is another good reason to choose a geothermal heat pump to ensure trouble-free heating comfort and hot water in your home.

Solar collectors

Solar collectors are devices that use solar energy to produce heat or electricity. Our product range includes the new generation Virtu PVT hybrid solar collector, which combines sunlight (PV) and solar heat technology to produce both electricity and heat from one collector. Solar panels are an environmentally friendly and sustainable source of energy because they do not emit carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases and can be used in almost any area where the sun shines. Installing solar panels can help reduce dependence on traditional energy sources and support the use of cleaner energy.

All solutions in one place!

Solar energy, heating solution and ventilation – smart energy production, use and management!

Sunergia offers the best service and takes care of every detail and solution for the energy management of your home or business. Our main product range includes solar energy products and solutions, heating solutions and ventilation. We selectively offer solutions and products with the best technology. We integrate all solutions to make energy use efficient and achieve technological victory.



Energy-related solutions all in one place!



Coherence of systems and clearer accountability.



We selectively offer products and solutions with the best technology.

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Solar energy, heating solution and ventilation all from one place.

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