Solar Park Financing

Solar Park Financing

The renewable energy sector is growing rapidly and one of the drivers of this development is the use of solar energy. There are many ways to finance the construction of solar power plants.

Available funds from banks

Banks are increasingly looking to help achieve climate goals through financing and investment decisions. AS Swedbank in the Baltics and Nordic regions is supportive in issuing loans for solar panels instalments. 

EU funds for building a solar park

Currently, there are no available subsidies for Latvia to build a solar park. You can follow the latest news on solar energy project subsidies on the website of EU funds.

Landowners' solution

Landowners can use vacant land and turn it into a profitable investment. The landowner can use his solar park to generate electricity and sell it to the grid or to a nearby production building or other institution. The landowner earns income, and the business can buy electricity at a cheaper price than on the market. It is important to choose a quality partner who can offer the best individual solution. If you are interested in understanding more about this business model, contact us and we will be glad to give you a consultation.

Power purchase agreements (PPA) or Electricity Direct Sales Agreement

The PPA, or contract for the direct sale of electricity, is an increasingly used method for building solar parks in Europe and around the world. In this case, the customer, as a landowner, factory owner, real estate developer or homeowner, enters into agreement with a company building solar energy parks and buys electricity from it at a discounted price for the period specified in the contract. In this case, companies with high energy consumption can save quite a lot of money, as the agreed price of electricity is generally cheaper than the electricity purchased at the grid. At the end of the contract period, the customer can either keep the solar park or start buying electricity from other suppliers.


Please contact our local experts to find out what kind of funding options are available.

Don’t know which solution would be the most approprite for your business?

No need to worry about it! Our team is here to help you choose the most appropriate solar panels for your needs. Let us know about your needs and we will suggest the best solution for your needs.