Building a Solar Park

Building a Solar Park

Complete service for solar power parks

Developing, planning, constructing and commissioning solar parks – this is our passion and daily business. Based on your requirements we take care for your ideal pv layout and make sure that you get the best value for money with maximum output.


Consultation and analysis

We ensure future-proof financial planning for your solar park and offer advice concerning economic issues of ongoing operations in order to ensure your investment is profitable.

What to expect from consultation?

During the consultation, we find out the customer’s needs so that we can prepare an accurate offer. We will review the most appropriate location and installation methods for solar panels (ground, industrial buildings, production buildings, flat or pitched roofs). If necessary, we also provide advice on renewable energy subsidies and financing. 

It is important for us to support the customer and to be a reliable partner from the start to a finished park.

Profitability analysis

As numbers are important for every business, it is good to know that the payback period for the deployment of solar panels on average is around 8 years, even without any subsidies. 

Also it is good to keep in mind that the more the production of solar panels overlaps with the electricity consumption of the building, the faster the payback period of the solar investment is.

The profitability analysis determines the solar park’s payback period. This usually depends on several factors.


Solar energy productivity also impacts the payback time calculations. The production schedule provides a forecast of how much of the energy purchased from the grid will be covered by solar energy in the future. This gives a good overview of the payback period of a solar power plant.


In most cases, solar panels are installed facing south for maximum productivity.

The productivity of a solar park is directly dependent on the weather, the performance is affected by sunlight, the density of clouds, shadows, dust, wind and snow. During the winter, the lower edges of the panels should be cleaned from the snow and ice to get the sunlight through. This ensures that the rest of the panel will melt quickly, thanks to the warming effect of the sun. There are several tools for calculating productivity, such as the PV-GIS solar calculator developed by the European Commission. It provides an overview of the monthly and annual productivity of the solar park according to its location

Over dimensioning the inverter

The annual productivity of a solar park can be increased by over dimensioning the inverterTo do this, we increase the total power of the solar panels above the power of the inverter. Over dimensioning is reasonable to a certain extent, because there are not so many sunny days in the Estonian climate that the panels can constantly operate at their maximum power. The ratio of the over dimensioning  is between 1.3 and 1.5, depending on the solar park layout and  manufacturer.

Documentation and permit arrangements

The documentation process takes the longest time in the whole building of a solar park project. We are preparing all documents and permits for our customers as we know the process very well and have done this numerous times. From the customer, we need just a few signatures during the whole process.

Planning, land measuring and geodesy analysis

The planning of solar park consist of several steps, which first starts with a submission of connection application to the grid network operator (*different process in each country).  We then create a technical construction project based on which the installation of the solar park is built. Depending on a location geodesy analysis might be needed. Before every installation we carry out the necessary land measurements to ensure everything is in compliance with documentation and permits.

Installation, electrical work and project management

Once all the permits and documents are in place, we start the solar park installation. Installation work includes everything related with mounting structures, PV-panels, inverter and electrical accessories. Construction works will be done in accordance with the technical project. Installation process could take from a day up to a week or two depending on the size of the project. For medium-sized projects the installation usually takes just a few days.


Our experts will also take care of all the electrical installations and solar park technical configuration to ensure everything works smoothly. We use only top high-quality solar energy products from one of the best known manufacturers. Read more about our range of products. 



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