Batteries and Generators

Batteries and generators

Energy solutions for both private and business customers

Optimize electricity consumption and ensure security of supply

Batteries and generators are both important sources of energy, but they have different functions and uses. Batteries are mainly used for energy storage and for mobile devices, while generators are designed to produce electricity, especially in situations where a backup generator is needed or when a constant power supply cannot be guaranteed.


Batteries are one part of integrated solar plant solutions that help optimize electricity consumption. Sunergia offers batteries from various manufacturers for energy storage and consumption at useful times when integrated into solar parks. Sunergia’s product range includes battery solutions from the world’s top manufacturers: SolaX, Growatt, Varta, BYD, LG and others.


Generators are widely used in situations where a large amount of electricity is needed, especially in places where there is no electricity grid or when back-up electricity is needed.

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Sunergia offers the best service and takes care of every detail and solution for the energy management of your home or business. Our main product range includes solar energy products and solutions, heating solutions and ventilation. We selectively offer solutions and products with the best technology. We integrate all solutions to make energy use efficient and achieve technological victory.



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We selectively offer products and solutions with the best technology.

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