Battery storage

Battery storage is a part of an integrated solar panel solution that optimise electricity consumption. Batteries store direct electricity from solar panels or from the grid.

Battery solutions for small scale electricity consumption

Battery storage solutions help to save on-grid utility charges and have proven to be effective for homeowners. Solar panels productivity is the highest in the daytime, but that’s the time when people are usually out and about. The energy consumption rises in the evening time when people arrive home. Therefore, the smart energy system can be set up in a way that the electricity stored to the batteries are used first or when the price of electricity is high.

Battery solutions for large scale electricity consumption

Battery solutions provide optimised and safe electricity consumption for industrial and manufacturing businesses.

The energy demands fluctuate throughout the day. When electricity consumption is at a peak, the energy storage solutions are there to help. Instead of buying high-priced electricity from the grid, the company can use the solar panel produced electricity, which is stored in the batteries.

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