Solar Energy Solutions for Businesses

By switching to renewable energy your business will contribute to the preservation of the environment and will lead by the example of embracing a more sustainable business model. And of course, you will benefit from significant reduction in the electricity costs.

Ground-mounted solar parks

Ground-mounted solar panels are an ideal solution for those businesses and landowners who have spare, unused land. The panels can be placed anywhere on the land if there is enough space and sunlight. In many cases also private house owners choose to use their nearby land, not the roof. Which place is the best is determined during the initial consultation and profitability calculation. Our experts will help you to make the right decision.

Roof solar parks

Solar panels installed on the roof is one of the most popular choices for private households as well as for businesses with a large roof space. To understand the investment and the types of panels that would be the most suitable, we have to know how large the roof is in m2, what is the angle of the roof and in which direction it is possible to place the solar panels to achieve the highest efficiency.

Building integrated solar panels

Building integrated solar panels are one of the latest trends in the solar industry. If the traditional approach was to place solar panels on already existing roofs, then building-integrated solar panels is the roof. The panels replace the need for a traditional roof.

Solar carports

With the electric car market growing and taking on a more prominent stand in the car industry there is also a need for fast and reliable charging solutions. A solar carport is a car charging solution where the energy for the charging is taken from the solar panels that are placed on the car park roof.

We will take care of every aspect of solar park installation

We offer a full range of services consisting of analysis, documentation, design, project management, installation, and final permits to start producing your own green energy.

Our products

Solar panels

A wide range of monocrystalline solar panels from word-class manufacturers.

Battery solutions

Solar batteries for small and large-scale solar energy projects.


Inverters from world-class manufacturers to ensure smooth and safe operation of the solar park.

Don’t know which solution is the most appropriate for your business?

Sunergia specializes in the development and installation of solar parks for businesses and for private households. Let us know about your needs and we will suggest the best solution.