Airobot ventilation

Airobot ventilation devices return both heat and humidity. This means lower heating bills and a more pleasant indoor climate in your home.

A smart ventilation device with heat and moisture recovery!

Airobot’s humidity and heat recovery ventilation device has been developed in cooperation with researchers from TalTech and the University of Tartu and is intended for homes located in a northern climate. Airobot devices are equipped with CO2, humidity, VOC, fine dust and temperature sensors as standard. Airobot analyzes the indoor climate of your home in real time and automatically improves it.

Why choose Airobot?

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Airobot ventilation units are full of sensors that measure air temperature, CO2 level and air humidity and adjust them automatically, ensuring an ideal indoor climate.


Indoor air contains bacteria, dust and pathogens that can cause health problems. Airobot detects them and switches itself to a more intensive mode, cleaning the air quickly.


Airobot can detect when there is no one in the premises or when there are more people than usual through the interaction of several sensors. Accordingly, it adjusts its own working power and saves up to 30% of electricity.

A ventilation unit with heat recovery helps to save money

The humidity return function calculates a comfortable indoor climate

All Airobot devices use the air drawn from the room to heat the cold air blown in from outside. This allows you to save money on heating bills and maintains a comfortable temperature in your home. Airoboti uses a plate heat exchanger, the advantages of which are:

✓ High heat recovery efficiency (up to 90%)

Extremely reliable – the plate heat exchanger has no moving parts and does not wear out.

Reduces air pollution – Unlike a rotary heat exchanger, there is no mixing of the exhaust and intake air. The transmission of viruses and bacteria between rooms is prevented, and food and other odors do not return to the interior.

Easy maintenance – the plate heat exchanger just needs to be watered every few years (for example with a shower)

A ventilation device with moisture recovery can return up to 80% of the moisture generated in the home to the living space. It relieves dryness and discomfort during the winter heating season.

During the humid period, the automation of the ventilation unit removes moisture from the home and prevents the humidity from getting too high.

A moisture recovery heat exchanger is similar to a normal heat exchanger, but the plates use a special innovative polymer membrane technology. This allows moisture to transfer from the exhaust air back into the supply air. The material is antibacterial, which prevents germs from forming on the plate and preventing them from entering the home.

The ventilation unit with moisture recovery automatically also has a heat recovery function and thus helps to save heating energy.

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Airobot V3


Airobot S


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Ventilation device with heat and moisture recovery
Air volume up to 750m3/h (208L/s) or ventilated surface up to 350m2

Ventilation device with heat and moisture recovery
Air volume up to 309m3/h (86L/s) or ventilated surface up to 140m2

Ventilation device with heat and moisture recovery
Air volume up to 500m3/h (139L/s) or
ventilated area up to 250m2

Airobot L


Airobot L5


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Ventilation device with heat and moisture recovery
Air volume up to 250m3/h (70L/s) or
ventilated area up to 120m2

Ventilation device with heat and moisture recovery
Air volume up to 500m3/h (139L/s) or ventilated surface up to 250m2

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