Tier 1 solar panels

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When choosing solar panels, you must have come across the term “Tier 1”, which is used by many solar panel manufacturers. What exactly does it show about solar panels? In the blog post below, we explain in more detail what mean Tier 1 and whether you should consider these terms before building a solar park.


What means Tier 1?


The term “Tier 1” refers to the first tier of solar panels produced by large and reliable solar panel manufacturers. The Tier 1 ranking was compiled in 2012 by the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Coroporation. It is not a quality assessment system, but it shows the “suitability of the bank” and is based only on financial criteria. Thus, the Tier 1 rating is related to financial stability rather than product quality. The greater the financial stability, the more likely a bank will finance a solar project. Thus, Tier 1 status can also be linked to a reliability indicator.


Only large manufacturers can be on the Tier 1 list


In addition to the above, Bloomberg has also established another criterion that guarantees being on the Tier 1 list. All manufacturers must have their own manufacturing facility with strict quality control guidelines that result in a better and more reliable product. The fact that they are world-renowned manufacturers also speaks in favor of large manufacturers, and if there is a quality problem with the solar panels, it will most likely get a successful solution.

It is important to note that only a very small proportion of the world’s solar panel manufacturers achieve Tier 1 classification. In addition to owning a manufacturing facility, solar panels take five or more years to produce and require a lot of resources, with a lot of investment in research and development.


Most companies in the solar sector trust the Tier 1 list


The appearance of solar panels from different manufacturers is quite similar, and it is almost impossible to judge the quality of solar panels with the naked eye. This is why most companies in the solar sector trust the Tier 1 list as a great way to identify good solar panel brands.


Sunergia cooperates with Tier 1 listed world-class solar panel manufacturers such as Seraphim EnergyTrina SolarRisen Energy, Jinko SolarJA Solar. It is certainly important to remember the aforementioned major manufacturers when building your solar park. By using Tier 1 solar panels, you will build a high-quality and efficient solar park, because it is the solar panels of the companies on the Tier 1 list that have passed thorough quality checks and are trusted by various financial institutions.