Roof Integrated Solar Panels


This is the roof of the future with seamlessly connected solar panel modules for innovative electricity-producing roofing material. With a solar panel roof, it is possible to replace roofing tiles, sheet metal, wood chips or any other traditional roofing material.

Solar Carports

Solar panels and electric car chargers bring together the producer and the consumer, creating thereby an opportunity for using more renewable efficient energy.

Solar Energy Solutions for Households


The benefits of solar energy are now available to everyone! By installing solar panels it is possible to reduce the costs for electricity up to 50%. Moreover, you gain the freedom to produce your own electricity and can forget about the ever-fluctuating electricity prices.

Solar Energy Solutions for Businesses


Solar energy is your opportunity to decrease your businesses spending on electricity. You will gain not only smaller electricity bills but also independence from commercial power grids and fluctuating electricity prices. Switching to solar energy also reduces CO2 emissions and the ecological footprint of the business.